Myliu mišką (I love forest)

We invite companies, communities, institutions, landowners, and individuals to support VšĮ Myliu mišką (I love forest) and increase the size of Lithuanian forests as well as neutralize our CO₂ footprint on Earth.
About Us
We are contributing to Lithuanian goal to fulfil United Nations Development, EU Green Deal, Forest strategy goals, and EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 - planting at least 3 billion new trees. By planting trees and forests we are helping companies and private individuals to neutralize their own CO₂ footprint and at the same time accomplish other internal sustainability goals.

How does VšĮ Myliu Mišką work?

On our website, any person, company, or organization can voluntarily support the public institution Myliu Mišką by donating for valuable goals in the environmental protection area, while we will take care of planting new trees and long-term forest care. If you're a company, an organization, or a household that cares about neutralization of your own CO₂ emission, we can help You.
With the help of a certified calculator, we will calculate your CO₂ emissions while relying on internal methods, prepared by professional foresters and CO₂ experts, and will evaluate how many trees need to be planted in order to neutralize the CO₂ emissions together with Myliu mišką.


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    You can also plant Your tree!

    Your support will be used to implement the objectives of Public Enterprise Myliu mišką - to increase the forest area in Lithuania. The calculator provides indicative information about the possibilities of using your support. The price of one tree is 3 EUR.

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